About Us

The Blue Ridge Orchid Society promotes the growing of orchids as a hobby; encourages the improvement of orchids by cultivation, hybridization,

and exhibition;

and disseminates useful information concerning orchids to the public.

Upcoming Events & Workshops
March Meeting

Join us on Sunday, March 21st at 2pm for our next meeting.  We will have an orchid auction, which all proceeds will go to Blue Ridge Orchid Society for future events and workshops.  

Date:  March 21st @ 2pm

Location:  TBA

April  Meeting

Join us on Sunday, April 18th at 2pm for our next meeting.  We will have re-potting and dividing session.  Bring any orchids that need re-potting and/or dividing.  Even if you do not have an orchids that need to be re-potting, come join us to learn more about different varieties of orchids.

Date:  March 18th @ 2pm

Location:  TBA

Please visit the "About Us" page for a full list of our events & workshops

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